"I have had the greatest pleasure of knowing Angie and her uniquely exquisite ability to share her love of reiki for years. I had been enduring months of suffering from chronic hip pain due to the residual effects from chemotherapy when I was blessed to cross paths with Angie; that led us into an engaging conversation about the healing powers of reiki and the energy systems of our chakras.  Angie and I began our conversation talking about my ailments when she told me about the experience of reiki and its ability to bring a source of healing to those who suffer from pain, in any medium.  Hearing about the gentle, non-invasive method of reiki, I wanted to learn more about it by experiencing it.  I began seeing Angie for reiki sessions in August of 2015.  I explained to her the difficulty I was having getting in and out of my chair at work and how I would struggle at times during the day just to walk.  The journey of transformation began with my first reiki treatment as I felt the power and peacefulness behind the energies of reiki.  Learning about the human chakra system and the ways our energy systems interact took me on a path of healing and self-care.  Angie provided me with an outlet for releasing negative energies and an inlet for absorbing positive energies and healing light.  After only a few short weeks of starting reiki with Angie, I began to feel some relief.  In November of 2015, my family and I went on a trip to Florida to Universal Studios; for the first time in years I was able to walk through an amusement park with no pain and I was able to get in and out of a chair without any discomfort or agony. To this day, I still enjoy the beauty and calamity of reiki sessions.  I am also no longer experiencing any sort of hip pain!  It has been an amazingly beautiful transformation all thanks to my beautiful soul sister who has inspired, healed, and embraced the love of the power behind reiki healing."  - Jen 

"Fun piece of info. I have been having some high blood pressure after covid. Last night [after  cord cutting and reiki session] I took it and it was 116/61. I have never had BP that low in my life! Thank you for all you did for me! 💖"-Julie 

"I highly recommend Trinity Healing Center to anyone that are looking for healing and answers for the mind,soul and body. #breakyourchains" -Mike