Animal Reiki

Why Reiki for Animals?

Just like humans, animals are prone to energetic imbalances that effect them in their day to day lives. Did you know that pets themselves are natural healers and often take on the negative energy of their beloved human families? Remember when we say negative energy, that negative doesn't mean 'bad.' It only means energy that is not for our highest good. That is why when we are anxious, or worried, or stressed we find so much comfort in our fur family.

Do the Animals Mind?

Animal Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive practice that promotes balance within their energetic body as well as promoting peace and an overall better sense of well-being. Animals possess great intuition and are highly sensitive to energy, including that of Reiki. Due to that we find animals are generally very open and receptive to receiving Reiki, becoming very relaxed in the process! 

$75 within 10 miles, added travel expense for over 10 miles away.