Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing Practices

According to The Power Path, ”Shamanic healing is a spiritual and medical practice based upon the belief that all healing includes a spiritual dimension.”

Shamanic healing techniques are another tool that we offer for use in helping you to become the the fullest version of yourself. The foundation of these practices is the ability to travel through 'non-ordinary reality,' accessed through a process known as shamanic journeying.

A shamanic journey is a method in which the shamanic practitioner travels in a trance-like state through non-ordinary reality (the upper world, lower world, middle world) seeking the wisdom, guidance and/or assistance from otherworldly spirit guides, ancestors, and power animals to name a few.

Here are some of the shamanic healing practices utilized by our Practitioners here at Trinity.

Divination Journeys- journeying to our shamanic guides for enlightenment for a specific query or situation

Soul Retrievals- In shamanism soul is defined as our essence or our life force. If we lose all of this essence, then we die. It is believed when we go through a traumatic event, big or small, fragments of our soul essence separate- often as a way of self preservation. During a soul retrieval the shamanic practitioner journeys to find pieces of your soul and bring them back to your body to be reintegrated- bringing back aspects of yourself that may have once been lost and helping to bring you wholeness.

Dismemberment Journeys- during a dismemberment journey you are 'dismembered,' or broken down until you are just your essence. In dismemberment you surrender your ego and your sense of 'self.' It is your ego self that prevents you from fully feeling connected with the divine. During this dismemberment you allow your mind, body, and emotions to be engulfed by the divine, helping you to remember your identity as a divine being. Often dismemberments are performed in times of feeling stuck, during grief, when something needs to be released or when feeling a lack of inspiration.

Recapitulation- There are times in our lives when we have interactions with other individuals where so much energy is put into the person/situation that we give away pieces of our energy or essence and our energy is carried around with them. During a recapitulation we pinpoint who we have left bits of our essence with, and bring it back where it belongs, with you.

Depossessions- In shamanic practice, a depossession doesn't mean a demonic presence like the exorcist but rather it's referring to disembodied spirits taking up host in a bodied person. Spirits who, instead of moving on to the afterlife or on to the next incarnation take occupancy in someone who is still among the living. The intent of these spirits isn't necessarily malicious, but occur because they are afraid of what comes next (afraid of damnation) or aren't ready to 'stop living.' Having a possession is never beneficial, and through ritual a shaman and their guides are able to help the disembodied spirits cross over.