Shadow Work

Shadow Work

What is Shadow Work?

Carl Jung was a swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who is credited with bringing shadow work into a more public view in the west.

Shadow work is the idea that we all have different parts of ourselves. The 'shadow parts,' are the parts of us that we have hidden away over time, or exiled. This can happen for instance, while growing up when we are told to stop behaving in a certain way, or that the way we are behaving is "unacceptable" and so we bury these parts of us deep within our psyche out of shame.

By exploring these "shadows" within ourselves, we can find important answers to thought or behavioral patterns in our lives.

Shadow work allows us to form a deeper connection with ourself. This allows us to feel more complete, to be a more full version of ourselves. Shadow work can also help improve our relations with others, heal generational trauma, and help you to learn healthier ways to meet your needs.

Suppressing your shadow can lead to things like depression, anxiety, drug use, and issues with your self-identity and self expression.

How do we do Shadow Work?

There are many different ways to work on one's shadow. The best way to start is to start paying attention to your triggers. What is triggering a strong emotional response from you? These are often a shadow aspect of yourself attempting to come to the surface. It's important to take the time to step back and reflect on these without judgement of yourself.

Many of the services we offer, from Meditation to Past Life Regressions, and even intuitive readings (spirit often tells us what we need to hear not what we want to hear), Reiki, Gong Washes, Yoga- all of these things can help break loose energy blockages that we have created, as well as bring to light things we didn't even know we were feeling or experiencing by taking the time to quiet our minds and pay attention to what our minds' subconscious and our bodies are telling else. These services are not instant cures, but rather tools for you to use in your tool belt to help you do the work you need to do, to be a better and more full version of yourself. With us by your side, to guide you along the way.